About Us

We Do it for THE CULTURE.

For the those who want it, seek it, and grind daily to find a way to get in the best shape of not only their lives… of their generation AND remain authentic, we’ve made it simple. We’ve brought the night club to the gym.

Where the Party At?

While on the look out for a way to gain the buyin of the people, who otherwise would never step foot in a gym, we found ourselves faced with the perspective of an audience comprised partly of a subculture whose idea of a “good time” included time spent in a venue where they can vibe to live music or a diverse playlist and network with collegues over tapas; to the contrary, there are those who’d prefer a live Dj spinning trap music and a room filled with sweaty bodies. We found both to be reasonably attractive requests.

Our journey lead us to the most dynamic fitness coaches, programming, and inspiration. We recognized the commonality in it all. People want fitness and wellness to be fun… to make them “feel good”. That feeling alone can be transformative.and has been the key to keeping members engaged.

Why Rock with Us?

The connections our coaches and support staff work to cultivate are what our members and subscribers love the most.

With our themed nights like Mixedtape Monday, Traphouse Tuesdays, Throwback Thursdays, First Friday(Network & Ride), and Spirit Ride Sundays… there is something for everyone! Our cycle classes and bootcamps make the night club seem trivial.

Meet the Support Team

Chantelle Swift/ Co-Owner/Director of Marketing

Pamela Bennett/ Co-Owner/ Director of Sales

Tammie “Tee” Baldwin/ General Manager

Delisha Searcy/Director of Fitness

Meet the Instructors

Coming soon.